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How to use facebook live stream from computer using own profile

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Nowadays Facebook live streaming is a very popular feature of facebook. Recently facebook has declared that anyone can go live on facebook but this feature is quite not fully available for all country and for all devices. So it is high time to find a way for streaming live on facebook from personal profile using computer. You can either share pc screen or just live stream with your webcam.

In this tutorial i will show How you can live stream on facebook from your profile using computer.

What you will need?

  1. A streaming software like  Open Broadcaster . Download it & install on computer.

Work procedure:

  1. At first go to facebooklivestream.tk or facebooklivestream.kolahall.com . Dont worry the site doesnt have any malware or any kind of popup ads or normal embedded ads.


2. If you come down to the page you will see a button named “Live stream facebook – Click here” . Click that and a new window will popup. Press “Next” on that window.

**if the popup window doesnt come up. please disable the popup blocker for this site.

3. After clicking next current window will close bringing up a new window. there you will find “URL host or stream” “Server URL” “Stream Key” information.If no window come automatically press “Preview or Repost” button. We need “Server URL” “Stream Key” for this tutorial .


4. Now open up Open Broadcaster software that you have installed earlier and then go to “Settings”


5. Go to “Broadcast Settings” Then put the info you get from site to “FMS/Server URL” & “Stream Key” . Finally click ok to save.
6. Now add a source for streaming. for that right click on “Sources” box area and then Add>Monitor Capture . As i will be streaming my screen,i have selected monitor. if you want to stream from webcam then webcam will be listed there.


7. Press “Preview Stream” to see the preview.Finally press  “Start Streaming” to start the live streaming. If everything has done perfectly after few seconds will will see that on the last opened window you have a preview of your streaming. You can press “Go Live” to post your live video.

My first live streaming video 🙂

There is a video tutorial for those who didnt understand the writing well.



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