Make a Bootable USB Drive Using CMD For Windows 7/10/Xp/Linux

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Make Bootable USB using CMD (Commands):

This is a great way to make a bootable USB drive. That is so because you do not need any extra or third party software to be run in order to do your task. So, here is how you do it.

First of all, insert your USB Drive into the Computer.

Then, open Command Prompt by searching for cmd in the Cortana search box or hit WINKEY+R to launch the Run utility and type cmd and hit Enter.

Now, after a black window pops up, type in-


to run the DISKPART utility.

After that, you will see a new black and white window popping up that would say DISKPART>.

Now, type-

list disk

to list all the Storage devices connected to your computer. After you hit Enter, you will see a list of storage devices (including your hard disk) connected to the computer. Identify your disk’s number here. After this, type-

select disk X

where X is the disk number, you just identified and hit Enter.

You need to clear the table records and all the visible data on the drive. For that, type-


and hit Enter.

Now, you will need to recreate a new primary partition of the drive. For that enter this command-

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