Summer Makeup Tips: For your healthy glow

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Put your best face forward during warm-weather months with these easy, breezy, summery tips:

1. Fake a Tan with Bronzer

If you like a healthy summer glow, but hate risking wrinkles or, worse, skin cancer, bronzer can give you the look you are after. Put a bit on a makeup brush, they apply to your cheekbones, forehead, chin, down your nose, and along your jawline for a natural look.

2. Layer Your Makeup

Hot temperatures can melt even meticulously applied makeup, but that doesn’t mean you need to go bare when you want to put your best face forward. To make makeup last — and stay in place — layer on cosmetics; use eye shadow primer before brushing on neutral-colored shadows, and apply a cream blush, then top it with a similar shade of a powder. Use foundation only where you need it — like on blemishes or the red areas around your nose and chin. Then finish with a light dusting of powder.

3. Use Waterproof Mascara

For those who like their lashes lush, waterproof mascara is a dream product: It resists running throughout the summer’s sweat, swimming, and unexpected downpours. Use sparingly and with caution, however: These tough formulations can be hard to remove, and too much tugging can lead to thinning of your lashes.

4. Stain Your Lips

A lip stain will keep its color without smearing, and will hold its own against continuous sips on a straw throughout the day. Look for ones with SPF built in to protect your precious pucker from the sun’s harmful rays.

5. Consider Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup, made from pulverized rocks like mica, titanium dioxide, and silica, is a perfect addition to your summer beauty routine: It has has bright pigments, light-reflecting properties, acne-fighting ingredients, and mattifying benefits (no sweaty shine!).

6. Stay Hydrated

Heat and sun can parch your skin, and make your complexion look shot. Keep yourself watered both inside (it’s never more important than summer to drink your eight glasses of H20) and out, with a face spray that can cool off parched skin — and keep you looking fresher. For an icy blast, store it in the fridge.

7. Clean Your Face

Washing your face correctly is an essential part of your skin care, especially during the sunny, sweaty summer months. The right cleanser will leave your skin looking and feeling its best immediately. If skin feels tight and in need of moisturizer, your cleanser is too drying. If skin still doesn’t feel clean, you’re using one that’s too filmy.

8. Remove Waterproof Mascara Gently

An essential beauty aid, eye-makeup remover helps erase stubborn traces of shadow, liner, and waterproof mascara. Look for light formulations with natural ingredients such as botanical extracts, grape seed oil, and no artificial colors or fragrances.

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